The Home Care Program performed by the Bulgarian Red Cross, introduced for the first time in Bulgaria the provision of integrated medical care and social services at home for older people with chronic diseases and disabilities. The first Home Care Center was opened in 2003 in Sofia-Lozenetz with the financial support of the PHARE ACCESS Program based on the model of the Swiss Association "Spitex" which was successfully adapted to the conditions in Bulgaria. Since then a total of 10 Home Care Centers have been established in different regions of the country providing regular care to more than 800 persons.
Except for regular provision of home care to its beneficiaries, the BRC sets as one of its main priorities the institutionalization of this type of services in Bulgaria and ensuring of broader access to a greater number of oler people across the country. For over 10 years we successfully work with the Swiss Red Cross, the Italian Red Cross, the German Red Cross, the Austrian Red Cross and other international organizations to develop adequate legislation in Bulgaria, qualitative training of the staff, as well as elaboration of quality criteria.

Since 2009, the Bulgarian Red Cross is a full member of the European Older People's Platform AGE Platform Europe, which supports our work in the field of improving the quality of life of older people through the exchange of experience and best practices and participation in international projects and initiatives at EU level.