On June 18, 2014, the team of the “Home Care’ Centre-Krivodol organized a Health lecture on the topic "Blood Pressure" for the users of the Centre and for other residents of Golyamo Babino village. In front of more than 20 residents of the village, part of whom are users of the Centre’s services, its Head - nurse Kamelia Stoynova explained basic facts about the cardiovascular system, about hypertension and hypotension and the factors causing them. The topical presentation on matters specific to the current season examined the relationship between anomalies in blood pressure and diabetes, recognizing symptoms of crisis blood pressure, healthy diet and overall action in the presence of an illness. The meeting went on with discussions on the above issues, focusing on preventive measures and recommendations. At the end of the meeting the attendees were invited to a treat by the team of the "Home Care" Centre-Krivodol, during which they went on to friendly conversations with each other. The majority of the participants were willing to share their health problems with the nurses, and to have their blood pressure measured. Everyone has been adequately addressed, resulting in people expressing their sincere appreciation for the support that the members of the “Home Care” Centre team gave them. Thus the goal to enrich the health education for the elderly was successfully achieved, focusing on the importance of prevention in combating morbidity and the social life of older people with various diseases and disabilities was stimulated.