On July 3, 2014 at the National Assembly a round table on the topic "Integrated social services and health care at home for older people - opportunities for implementation" was held; it was jointly organized by the Health Committee at the Parliament and the Bulgarian Red Cross in the framework of the "Home Care for Independent and Dignified Life" Project.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the legislative options for regulating the provision of integrated social services and health care at home for older people with chronic diseases and disabilities that require long-term care. A specific proposal for amendment to the Health Act to regulate these services was made ​​by a working group set up under the "Home Care for independent and dignified life" Project and involving representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Ministry of Health - project partners, the Agency for Social Assistance, National Health Insurance Fund, Bulgarian Doctors’ Union and Bulgarian Association of Professionals in Nursing Care. The proposal was submitted to the National Assembly in May 2014.

At the roundtable active part took Dr. Nigyar Jaffer - Chairman of the Health Committee, MPs from the 42nd National Assembly, H. E. Regina Escher, Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation, Mr. Hristo Grigorov - President of the Bulgarian Red Cross, Dr. Boyko Penkov - Deputy Minister of Health, Mr. Lazar Lazarov - Deputy Minister of Labour and social Policy, Mrs. Mariana Kordova - Head of the National Coordination Unit of the Bulgarian-Swiss program to the Council of Ministers, Prof. Stanka Markova - Honorary Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Professionals in Nursing Care, Eng. Emiliyana Dimitrova - President of the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, the mayors of Byala Slatina, Oriahovo and Krivodol where three of the four currently operating "Home Care" Centres are established under the Bulgarian-Swiss program, representatives of patient organizations and NGOs.

Besides the discussion on the possibilities for legislative regulation of the home care services, best practices implemented by the Bulgarian Red Cross and Caritas Bulgaria were presented.